OfficePhone NumberLocationEmail
Athletics701-788-4834Lewy Lee Fieldhouse 112
Bookstore701-788-4823Campus Center 134
Business Office701-788-4757Old Main 108
Byrnes-Quanbeck Library701-788-4815Library
Campus Wellness701-788-4841Campus Center 106
Career Services & Internships701-788-4899Classroom Building 115B
Child Development Programs701-788-4868Birkelo Hall
Comet Radio701-788-4691Classroom Building 119
Computer Center701-788-4795Old Main 101
Counseling and Student Retention701-788-4772Classroom Building 115C
Dakota Nursing Program701-788-4861Old Main 11
Development Office701-788-4787Old Main 112A
Dining Services701-788-4825Campus Center
Disability Services701-788-4675Classroom Building 109
Division of Business & CIS701-788-4713Old Main 202
Division of Education & Psychology701-788-4827Education 116C
Division of Liberal Arts701-788-4808Classroom Building 110
Division of Science & Mathematics701-788-4802Classroom Building 108
Eastern Area Health Education Center (AHEC)701-788-447542 6th Ave SE - Mayville
Enrollment Services/Marketing  
Enrollment Services/Student Affairs701-788-4842Old Main 107
Facilities Services701-788-4640Old Main 29
Financial Aid701-788-4767Old Main 106
Foundation Office701-788-4864Old Main 111
Grants Office701-788-4743Birkelo Hall 115/116
Health, Phy Ed & Rec Division701-788-4834Lewy Lee Fieldhouse 114
Help Desk701-788-4739Old Main 105
Human Resources701-788-4647Old Main 110B
Information Technology Services701-788-4794Old Main 101
Instructional Design and Technology701-788-4709Classroom Building 108C
Mailroom/Service Dept.701-788-4785Old Main 25
Nursing701-788-788-5289CB 108  
Office of Academic Affairs701-788-4711Old Main 112
Office of Academic Records701-788-4774Old Main 114
Office of Admissions & Extended Learning701-788-4667Old Main 102
Physical Plant701-788-4640Old Main 29
President's Office701-788-4754Old Main 113
Public Relations701-788-4750Old Main 112C
STEM Education701-788-4710Library B02  Melissa
Student Health701-788-4865Berg Hall 105
Student Life701-788-701/788-4818Campus Center 103  
Student Life / Campus Programming701-788-4822Campus Center 103
Student Life / Housing701-788-4697Campus Center 103
Student Success701-788-4675Classroom Building 109
Traill County Tech Center701-788-4899Contact Jay Henrickson
Wellness Center701-788-5200Wellness Center 104A
Western Area Health Education Center (AHEC)701-788-(701-637-0178)109 S Main Str - Hettinger, ND 58939
Writing Center 701-788-5240Classroom Building 109